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Betty Lou is a Star

Posted by respect-a-bull on October 8, 2010 at 12:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, Miss Betty Lou gives back, she went for a visit to fir park village, a senior's residence here in Port Alberni.  


Respect-A-Bull Dog Rescue has had one other dog from their program become a Therapy Dog. Marley, thought to be a former bait dog, came into Respect-A-Bull's care and was fostered by Michelle.


Michelle fell in love with Marley right from the start. She took him through the CGN test, then shortly after passing that, he was certified as a Therapy Dog through St. John Ambulance. The two of them are now doing wonderful Therapy Dog work in Nanaimo.


It is of no surprise Respect-a-bull would do more work in this area!  Dave was reading the paper one morning about Pets and Pats at Fir park village in Port Alberni.  There was a picture of a older lady with a smile from ear to ear holding a Dalmatian puppy. I showed Jo-ann the paper and we both thought Betty Lou would be awesome at this. We picked up the phone and made a call and were greeted were told that they would like us to come in.  When we were asked what breed is she, we said that she is a pit bull.  I feared the response I would get was going to be negative, but they just wanted to know what she was like! It is so nice to know that they saw passed the breed.


Wednesday we walked in the door, Jo-ann and I and Deanna with camera in hand.  The smiles on everyone's face greeting us at the front area were wonderful!   Betty Lou wandered around visiting people asking about her, and we told them that she was deaf.  We walk in the and there is this man in a wheel chair, he could not move, his head was supported with a back rest.  We walked over to him, his name was Peter. I said hi to him and told him to hold the leash.  He opened his hand and we passed it to him.  I said "Peter, you are walking Betty Lou in the forest in the fall"  We were then touched so much, because in the corner of his mouth he smiled and said "yes"... 


There was also a lady, seen here in the photo, we were told she keeps to her self and does not speak English, but whenever dogs come in the door she comes alive.  Around Betty Lou the lady did came alive, she spoke in a soft tone almost a soft chant to Betty Lou as she rubbed her head and smiled! I tried to tell her that Betty

Lou was deaf. Betty Lou and this lady had a connection! When you look at this picture you can see what we

saw that sunny day in fall.


There was another lady in a red sweater that followed us around and said she had a Shepherd at home.  She said that she loved her dog and he is so nice.  She told us this many times and it was so nice and it did not matter to us and Betty Lou. Every time she said that, we said that's very nice and pretended it was the first time we heard her say it.  It made us smile from ear to ear.


Going into Fir Park Village with Betty Lou changed us and it made us think!  Most of us are lucky to be outside on a fall day enjoying the fall colors. Watching the leaves fall from the trees, walking your dog with a loved one! For some people who are dealing with harder times in life, it is so nice to see the pleasure that they get from meeting a dog like Betty Lou.  Once she is better from surgery we will be back in Fir Park so that she can give back!  Thanks to all of the residents we had a great time!


Latest News....

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It was a busy summer for the Respect-A-Bull team and our dogs!  We saw lots of great adoptions in a short time. Gracie, Leah and Smartie all found their forever homes.  Bella, a sweet pup born into our program was returned for a second time but was able to quickly find a loving home on the mainland!  We couldn't be happier for all of them!

In other news, Marley, a dog adopted through Respect-A-Bull has been featured by the ASPCA on their campaign to help combat dog fighting.  We're thrilled that Marley's story has spread as far as the US and that he is helping to educate people that dog fighting is a very serious and rampant problem.  Many of us don't imagine dog fighting in our areas, but it is happening all over Vancouver Island and the Mainland, affecting many breeds, not just pit bulls.  

Marley is also a busy boy, he is a Saint John's Ambulance Therapy Dog!  He has weekly visits with elderly people who not only love to see him, but have no problem seeing past his scars and breed!  He truly is a great ambassador.  Betty Lou is also joining the ranks, as Respect-A-Bull has been asked to bring her into the public weekly to serve as a therapy dog!  

We have a lot of community outreach coming up very soon and we will keep you posted about all of that.  We are very excited about this, and it comes on the heels of the BCSPCA summer camps that we attended during the summer.  Every week, Michelle and Marley visited the kids and told them about the breed and proper care for dogs.  Marley loved every second and so did the kids!

Our online auction is coming very quickly and we're planning a Beer and Burger night...details about those coming soon!

In the meantime, please take a look at our adoptable dogs.  Casha is a loving 3 legged girl who would love a breed experienced home.  Evette is a 10 year old golden girl who would love to retire.  Both are UKC registered and have excellent temperaments!  Roxy is having a benign lump removed but will be up for adoption very soon for anyone interested in a great red head!  

If you would like to donate or volunteer, please contact us today!  We always need not only cash for vet bills (which can go directly to our vet) but also blankets, crates, food and other supplies!  

Rescue Day Event

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Yesterday we drove to Victoria to Your Pet Pals, a pet supply store.  They were hosting the first annual Rescue Awareness Day and we were lucky enough to be invited.  We packed up Betty Lou, who was most unimpressed to be woken up before 10 a.m!  We arrived in Victoria at about 9 and started setting up our table.  We were in great company with so many wonderful rescues coming out.  

The staff at Your Pet Pals were awesome and fully accommodated the swarms of people milling about the parking lot.  There were dogs everywhere, kittens and even rats...not to mention a 2 legged dog who somehow manages to walk.

But the real fun started when our good old friends started to show up, that's right, the dogs who have been through our program and adopted out, they came in droves and we were thrilled to see each one.  Here's Izzy, a pup born into Respect-A-Bull's care and who waited 6 months for her new home.  She's living the good life now, and is so beautiful and unique.

Also Casper, who'd grown so much he was hardly recognized!  He's living proof that police officers love pit bulls too!  

It is amazing seeing the dogs who were puppies all grown up!  Here's Darla, the American Bulldog!

And who can forget our own celebrity dog and the poster child for rescue dogs, Stanley!  

Stanley was there with his "brother" Taylor, also a former Respect-A-Bull dog and a recovering mange boy just like Stanley.  To see them now, living the good life with their adopters, its hard to imagine just how far they've come.  They hold no grudges for what happened to them before....

Betty Lou got a bit starstruck and was trying to talk to Stanley, but he wasn't really interested...

and while we got to see some old friends like Leah (now named Kali), with her look a like "brother" 

we also got to meet some new friends, like Isis, sister of Casha and daughter of Evette who are both in our program.  Seeing Isis is amazing, she's as beautiful and wonderful as her family members but it is also nice to see her from a loving home, she doesn't bear the scars of neglect and fighting that her sister and mom have.  

Along with seeing old friends, I also got to catch up with a family old foster Hiro who I love to the ends of the earth...he was a hard one to give up, but I need I had to if I would be able to continue fostering.  He was camping for the weekend and I wasn't supposed to see him, but imagine my surprise when the big lug showed up....looking just as goofy-yet-magnificent as the day I first met him as a gangly, scrawny pup back in January.  He's all grown up now and big!  

Seeing these dogs who we have all fallen in love with, now settled in their adoptive homes, makes it all worth it.  Many people don't realize the countless hours that go into each adoption...from the background checks to the home visit and the meet ups with the potential adopters, we pour our hearts and souls into this rescue and the dogs in our care.  None of us are paid.  Why do we do it?  For me, it is the overwhelming happiness I get when I see Hiro safe and sound, happy with his adoptive sister, with his very own name tag with his very own address back from a weekend of off leash camping...

A big, special thanks to the wonderful people at Your Pet Pals in Victoria for supporting rescues the way you do, and thanks for bringing us all together for a day.  Seeing all of our dog friends gives us the motivation to keep helping more and more dogs, like ol' Betty Lou and the others down the road....

And to the little girl who showed up to donate her birthday money to Betty Lou?  I am sorry I didn't get your name or a photo of you with Betty...we are all blown away by your kindness and your big heart.  We thank you deeply!  


Come out and meet Stanley and Betty Lou

Posted by respect-a-bull on August 17, 2010 at 1:59 AM Comments comments (1)

Come out and meet Stanley & Betty Lou on Sunday Aug 29th @ YOUR PET PALS in Victoria. Its a Rescue Awareness Day combined with a Sidewalk Super Sale - lots of amazing groups will be there including Respect-a-bull Rescue

#4-100 Aldersmith place, Victoria BC (next to Admirals walk) 250-360-1322 

stanley inspired peace love and

Posted by respect-a-bull on July 23, 2010 at 12:02 PM Comments comments (0)

hi my name is tino sanchez from las vegas. i have had apbt's in my life for over 20 yrs now, and have a similar story to you. i did some breeding and it wasn't till my last pack that i really became aware of whats going on in the shelters. for the last couple of yrs i kept saying i wanted to start a rescue but let excuses get in the way. after i saw the "just one dog video" that was it i said i'm goin to the pound and saving a dog like they did for stanley on christmas. so with the new year came peace love and and it's first rescue "bailey." it almost started and stopped with bailey cause she fell in line so well with my pack that i almost kept her, and everyone around thought i had added the 5th member to my pack. as hard as it was i new i couldn't keep her because of my limited space and 4 pit bulls already. but more importantly  to keep saving at least one as often as i can.what PLP does is bring one in and let them live with me and my pack, and with the help of my pack i train em so when they go to a home they are as good as mine, and my pack are pretty damn good (i don't mean to toot my own horn but, BEEP BEEP!  i'm very proud of my pack)2 of them buster and shorty are both therapy dogs. boo boo and rockie arent therapy cause they're a little shy but all four are so well behaved, that any time i bring a dog they do what they do and the new-be always falls in line.any way  i just wanted to say thank you for what your doing

Leonard is officially a Canine Good Neighbour

Posted by respect-a-bull on June 21, 2010 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Here is the handsome smartie pants boy himself, Leonard. He's the latest Respect-A-Bull to become an official Canine Good Neighbour, which means he is now exempt from the muzzle by-laws (BSL) in the city of Nanaimo, which are targeted specifically towards pit bulls or mixes thereof. Way to go, Lenny!! ♥


Posted by respect-a-bull on February 18, 2010 at 11:16 AM Comments comments (10)

It's done!  For the first time in his life, Stanley is able to see the world without his lashes digging into his eye.  He did great during surgery.  He's not so happy about wearing the cone, but it's only for 2 weeks while his eyes heal and after that it will be all over. 

I spent a lot of time with Stanley as we were his first foster home, and there wasn't one time that I saw his eyes open this much.  Even with the cone, the stressful day and the stitches, there must be some major relief already.

I used to marvel at Stanley's ability to run through the yard at full speed while keeping his eyes closed.  Somehow he'd manage to not run into trees or the fence.  He was so sensitive with his eyes, but now that is all in the past. 

We're so happy for you, Buddy!  Heal up, get that cone off and get out in the world and really SEE!

Good Home.

Posted by respect-a-bull on February 17, 2010 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (2)

As I've said before, we are constantly struggling with the question "what makes a good home".  We have to ask ourselves this everytime we review a new application for one of our dogs.  If we put restrictions and guidelines on new homes, we could very well pass up a loving home for a dog. 

Recently, we've had dogs adopted into homes with other dogs, kids and big, fenced backyards.  We've had a pup adopted into a condo with only a balcony.  Is either one better than the other?  No.  The homes are providing everything the dogs need to thrive, love being top of the list. 

When you see a rescue dog living out it's life in a new home, you can't help but get a wave of happiness.  To imagine where these dogs come from...the strays, the shelter dogs, the neglect cases, the dogs nearly put to sleep due to lack of room.  To then see them living a life full of adventure, exercise and love, you know that you've helped enrich that life and change the odds. 

I've read that 1 in 600 pit bulls will end up in a good home.  The rest will die from neglect, fighting, abuse, starvation or be put to sleep in a shelter.  If you take the time to visit over-crowded shelters you won't dispute this estimate. 

Recently, we placed a dog in a home.  Emily was brought from the shelter into the Respect-A-Bull program and found a home living with another dog and horses.  When you see Emily's photos of life in the new home, you see a content, happy dog who is managed to be the 1 out of 600 pit bulls.  She is a statistic, but a good one.  She followed fate through the hoops until she landed here, and she's won the pit bull lottery! 

Congratulations to Emily and her family.  Thank you for updating us on her life with you, it makes our hearts swell and gives us a reminder of why we do what we do! 


Posted by respect-a-bull on February 10, 2010 at 1:48 PM Comments comments (0)

In life, one thing leads to another.  Stanley's story is no different.  His life was saved because Cathy was at the right place at the right time.  She saw him, fell in love and needed to help.  But Cathy didn't go out to the shelter that day to save a white, run down, mangey pit bull.  She was there to pick up a Cocker Spaniel who had been at the shelter for a month. 

Of course, while she was there, she spied Stanley and the rest is history.  That little Cocker's rescue led to the rescue of Stanley.  But now, that same little girl needs our help. 

Please, watch the video, and help in whatever way that you can.  $1, $3, $5...whatever you can spare.  Even if it's just to crosspost this video, it will help.

A big thanks....

Posted by respect-a-bull on January 25, 2010 at 1:09 PM Comments comments (4)

On Saturday, Stanley met some of his fans.  Jenn met up with some of the staff from the Duncan SPCA and they all drove all the way to Respect-A-Bull headquarters to meet him.

There was no shortage of kisses, and I'm sure that Stanley won the hearts of everyone there.  He climbed up to actually hug Sandi, the manager of the Duncan SPCA.  Jenn loved him, too, and she also managed some super cuddling with Respect-A-Bull's runt puppy, Cupid. 

With so much going on, new people to meet and dogs a plenty, it surely was Stan's biggest adventure since getting off of the plane.  He crashed out for a few naps on the laps of his guests, gave them plenty of kisses goodbye and climbed into the car to go home.

His ride home was squished, though, because his visitors hadn't come empty handed.  Jenn came bearing MANY gifts.  First there was cash donations totalling $367 that was raised by everyone at Your Pet Pals, a pet supply store in Victoria.  Along with that, there were gift cards, around $300 in dog food, $200 in supplements and fish oils to help Stanley's mange, toys and a very comfortable dog bed!  There is no way to thank the staff and customers at Your Pet Pals and Jenn for everything they pulled together for Stanley.  Please know we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. 

But that was just for Stanley.  There were still boxes and boxes of toys and Kongs for all of the other Respect-A-Bull dogs, a puppy pen (and we have no shortage of puppies), dog treats....I'm sure I am forgetting something, but it truly was like Christmas morning. 

PLUS, we still had an entire literal truckload of dog food to unload for Respect-A-Bull dogs! 

In other news, Stanley smells awesome, thanks to his bath with his new neem shampoo, donated to Stanley by Illona at Scruffy Dog Photography in Ontario.  She donated a whole natrual mange treatment that includes the shampoo, organic neem oil and a supplement for dogs with mange.  Thanks you!

This is what happens when we all pull together to do what we can!  We can't save them all, but one by one, we sure can try!


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