Respect-a-bull's go for a walk on the Dyke and visit AV Times Heather Thomson with Stanley and Taylor .

Posted by respect-a-bull on November 8, 2010 at 3:28 PM

On Sunday Nov 7th in Port Alberni Respect-a-bull's started a walk on the Dyke with some like minded dog people. We had a very busy day. It started out with intravenous of saline solution, followed by injections of Human Grade Antibiotic for our old girl. She has Ecoli in her bladder. :(  Bricklee is one of the first dog's Respect-a-bull's ever pulled from the SPCA.

Then we had a couple of really cool dogs to see, Stanley and Taylor! They came down with their Mom and Dad, Josh and Teresa Caulfield, for a interview with the AV Times, to do a follow up story to the one they ran almost a year ago! We first headed over to a great cabin that they were staying at for the night and we were greeted at the door by two very happy dogs to see us. We have to say, when your in rescue we hear a lot of the really bad stories like Stanley and Taylor,so to show up and see these two dogs so happy to see us made our day!


This is why we do rescue. To come Full Circle and see dogs that were going to be put to sleep or were really sick before they came into Respect-a-bull's care. Seeing this brings a lot of joy to all the sad stories we hear day to day. So after wet and warm responses from Stanley and Taylor we were able to say hi to Josh and Teresa. We headed out to meet Heather Thomson from the Av Times paper. This is where Betty Lou, Stanley,and Taylor get to meet again! Betty Lou felt like a Queen with two hot pitties wanting to greet her. Betty Lou even wanted to play with Taylor. She tried to play bow and put her paw on him.


One of the things Heather asked Josh and Teresa is how do you feel about how famous Stan the Man is. Josh said it was not until 2 month ago I watched his video for the first time,so to me Stanley is just this cool dog living with us. Now hearing this at first from Josh surprised me, I thought for sure he'd seen the video! But the day after, now I feel like Josh...... Stanley is Just One Dog! As I write this one thing that comes to mind is Jingle Dog. You may be saying what are you talking about?? Well in Stanley's first Video there was a dog with a Xmas collar on. We nick named him or her Jingle Dog. We asked Camp Cocker Cathy Stanley, can you pull Jingle Dog as well? Cathy went and sadly every dog that was in the video but Stanley was put to sleep! So now you may understand why Stanley is Just a Dog. Granted a very lucky dog!


 Stanley Just one dog Video................


To just think back to Xmas morning, at lunch time,when I took a break from the Xmas day. I opened up a email from Carol from Victoriadoptables, it was Stanley's video :)

To all the people that worked so hard to help a mange dog that no one wanted! THANK YOU, Jo-Ann and I can not do what we do without the help from people like you!


After the meeting with Heather we headed to the Dyke to meet everyone for a walk. Wow ! When we got there about 12 people and 8-10 dogs were waiting for us! The weather was great until half way through our walk, when it started to pour rain but it did not matter. Because I believe it was Emma and Shane Eben's Mom and Dad that said LOOK UP, well we had a rainbow from one side of the Dyke to the other. What a site to see on our first walk on the Dyke! Sadly after about a hour we were done and had to say good bye to everyone. But the good news is every Sunday at 1 at the Legion parking lot we are going to meet up again. All breeds of dogs are welcome, not just Pit Bulls. This is a great way for the public to see Pittie's with great owners, out with their dogs.


So in closing Respect-a-bulls has done a lot of work helping Pit Bulls in need in the last 5 years,but we can not do it without people wanting to help us. Jo-Ann and I may be the faces of Respect-a-bull, but there are so many people that have helped us! For this we would like everyone to know Respect-a-bull is a team of people that care! Jo-Ann and I would like to thank you for your on going support! See ya at the Dyke some Sunday at 1 the more the merrier!



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