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Just One Dog January 25, 2011, 12:58PM MT By Lani Baroody,

Best Friends Network volunteer

The story of one pit bull terrier named Stanley inspires people all over the world to help shelter animals “one dog at a time.” Cathy Stanley, of Camp Cocker Rescue, often walks through the local Los Angeles animal shelters with her video camera. She shoots video of all the adoptable dogs to post online, in hopes that someone might be inspired to help just one of the animals they see in the video.


From left to right: Taylor, Josh Caufield, Jo-Ann Schofield, Dave Schofield, Teresa Caufield and Stanley pose for the Alberni Valley Times while out for a walk in November 2010.


Stanley was doing just that in late 2009. That is when she first saw a sad pit bull terrier with scabs all over his body, half-closed eyes and raw red skin due to demodectic mange.


“I saw him and I gasped and put the camera down,” said Stanley.


Though Camp Cocker is traditionally a cocker spaniel rescue, Stanley wanted to help the pit bull terrier.


“I do desire to save all breeds of dogs it became clear to me early on in rescue that if I didn't narrow my focus and just work on one specific breed of dog, that it all would become too overwhelming for me to walk into a shelter and try to decide,” said Stanley.


Still, Stanley knew she could not overlook this dog in desperate need of help.


When she returned home, she made a short video about the dog (who had yet to be named) and started e-mailing everyone she knew.


Soon, e-mails poured in and people from all over offered to donate money toward helping this dog.


It was not long before rescuers started attaching Cathy’s last name (Stanley) to the dog, “then it just sort of, stuck,” according to Stanley.


Stanley and his adoptive brother, Taylor snuggle up with Teresa Caufield.


“I ended up pulling Stanley [the dog] not knowing where he would be going, but I got him out and started him on his medical rehab,” said Stanley. “I then, made the full version of the ‘Just One Dog’ video and started e-mailing that around like crazy, begging people to help me find a good rescue.”


The video focused on the idea that it takes just one person to do one thing for one dog.


Stanley began advocating the idea of “Just One Dog” because many people came to her, wanting to help these animals, but felt overwhelmed.


“After they understood the message of just one dog, they realized they didn't have to do it all, they didn't have to save every dog in a shelter, they only had to do one small part of it, one thing,” said Stanley.


Stanley’s “Just One Dog” video made its way around the world and offers to take the dog came in from all over – but Stanley was looking for something specific.


Camp Cocker wanted “a rescue who only had the highest re-homing standards, was selective about whom would be qualified to adopt a pit bull, did home checks and follow ups,” according to Stanley the pit bull terrier’s recent follow-up video.


That is part of the “Just One Dog” message, according to Stanley, “doing right by the dog and being thorough about where you send a dog.”


On Christmas Day 2009, Stanley’s video made its way to the inbox of Dave Schofield of Respect-A-Bull, a foster-based pit bull terrier rescue in British Columbia, Canada.


Stanley and Taylor celebrate Stanley's first Canadian birthday.


“[The video] touched me, in a way. Seeing it on Christmas day and reflecting on family and what Christmas means – we wanted to give something back,” said Schofield.


Schofield and his wife, Jo-Ann founded the rescue after learning about the harms of backyard breeding.


As former backyard breeders, the Schofields were shocked when they discovered the truth about backyard breeding.


“Not everybody that does something wrong is wrong. They may not know,” said Schofield. “I really want to educate the backyard breeders and let people know that it is a problem.”


Schofield called Stanley on Christmas day and offered to take Stanley.


Soon Camp Cocker raised enough money to have Stanley flown to Port Alberni, British Columbia, where Respect-A-Bull was waiting with open arms.


Stanley was placed in a loving foster home while his skin healed, but soon it was discovered that Stanley would need surgery to repair the entropion that afflicted his eyes.


One year later, Stanley celebrates Christmas with his forever family.


Respect-A-Bull raised the money, and Stanley had his surgery.


Respect-A-Bull was contacted by many people who had seen the “Just One Dog” video and wanted to adopt Stanley.


In the end, Josh and Teresa Caufield, who had not seen the video, but wanted Stanley because he was “a big, goofy, happy-go-lucky dog,” adopted Stanley, according to Schofield.


It was not until after they adopted Stanley, that the Caufields learned how many people Stanley touched with his story.


Since rescuing Stanley, Camp Cocker continues to work with Respect-A-Bull to help save and find happy homes for pit bull terriers just like Stanley.


“There were thousands of applications for Stanley, but there are thousands of Stanleys out there,” said Schofield. “If he touched you that much, go to a shelter near you.”


“It only takes one person to do one thing for just one dog,” said Stanley. “Animal rescue does not end with getting a dog out of a shelter, but actually that is where it begins.


How You Can Help:

Camp Cocker and Respect-A-Bull rescues are always looking for volunteers, animal foster homes and donations. Learn more about Camp Cocker and Respect-A-Bull. Find an adoptable animal near you on Watch Stanley’s original “Just One Dog” video. Watch the continuation of Stanley's “Just One Dog” video, one year later. 

Best Friends Animal Society is working throughout the country to help pit bull terriers, who are battling everything from a media-driven bad reputation to ineffective and expensive legislation. Best Friends hopes to end discrimination against all dogs. Dogs are individuals and should be treated as individuals. Find out how you can help by visiting and becoming a fan of the Pit Bulls: Saving America's Dog campaign. 


Join Voices for No More Homeless Pets for updates on animal issues important to you!


Learn more about breed bans and dog bite facts at the National Canine Research Council.


Find more resources in our Tools To Use section.



"How to Prevent Breed Discrimination in Your Community"


Photos courtesy of Dave Schofield and Heather Thomson of the Alberni Valley Times


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