Respect-a-bull's gets an inspection from Port Alberni SPCA and Passed :)

Posted by respect-a-bull on January 29, 2011 at 3:20 PM

Well what a great day,Respect-a-bulls welcomed the Port Alberni SPCA to our house for an inspection of the farm/rescue animals and we Passed!


There was a report called in on us to SPCA head office for no shelter for our horses,goats,chickens,ducks! It also said we had 14 dogs locked in crates in our house! So anyone reading this that has heard the Hear Say about us and did not just ASK us,Shame on you! For over 5 yrs Jo-Ann and I have helped save 130 Pit Bulls in need! We did not do this our selves,we had support of a great team of people! Over the 5 yrs we have made a lot of friends,we would like to thank thoughts friend for standing by us and that just Asked ! We have also made enemy's, those enemy's we wish them no harm and the best! But we are people and some times people just don't get a long,doesn't make them or us bad people!


We know that in the last few months there has been lots said to discredit us and Respect-a-bulls ! Some people have just stopped talking us,some of those people meant lots to us! But you know i guess we did not mean the same to them! They decided to listen to Hear Say,instead of picking up the phone and just calling us to ASK! Well you know it's a shame the Caddy rescue world is this way,some people just love Hear Say!

So we ask in future if anyone hears *Hear Say*,Just ask us or better yet come for a visit your self to see how we care for animals in need we have a open door!


Please share this note so the people it is intend for can read it! We no longer have them on our Face book page so we do not have contact with them! But you do! Respectfully Dave and Jo-Ann Schofield founders of Respect-a-bull dog rescue!


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