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Posted by respect-a-bull on April 8, 2011 at 1:39 AM

Clayton's Story

Clayton just came to Canada last week from a high-kill shelter in California. We only had him for a day and he started throwing up and getting very ill. Today he went in for emergency surgery and had a foreign object removed from his stomach. It appears from the state of the object that it was part of a toy and had been in there for quite awhile (before he came to Canada).

This surgery is very expensive (as all you dog owners know) but this rescue is totally non-profit and just exhausted their funds paying off a previous $1300 account at the vet. The vet would not do the surgery unless we paid $800 right away and we will likely still have another $1000 or more to pay on top of that. Ryan and I had to front this money as the rescue was not able to get the money today and the surgery needed to happen NOW. . Respect-A-Bull will be repaying us but they are a non-profit stretched to their limits already and funds only come in for them when someone makes a donation or pays to adopt one of their dogs.

We are asking that if anyone is able to donate ANYTHING (even $10 will help, seriously) please see Respect-A-Bull's website here: and you can donate through PayPal (please make a comment/note that the $ is for Clayton) or if you feel more comfortable, you can donate directly to the vet's office


Manzini Animal Hospital

4423 Margaret Street,

Port Alberni, BC V9Y6G7,

Canada (250) 724-4444

Please make sure you say on your cheque that it is for Clayton.


Clayton is a sweet boy and does not deserve to die over lack of funds, which is why we have fronted the money for his surgery. Once he is adopted either by us or another family he will have pet insurance but rescues are not able to insure pets as they come and go through their homes so frequently. Please help if you are able to, and if not please send some healing vibes his way as he has made it through surgery but now has some complications and is facing a bit of a rough time in the next few weeks.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and from Clayton as well!!!

Erika & Ryan

UPDATE Sunday morning: from the vet - he made it through the night and is doing fairly well so far. We are not out of the woods for about 10 days though as we have to see if the sutures hold. We are hoping to have our boy back on Wednesday - he is going to the rescue for the next few days as he still needs injections and medical stuff that I don't know how to do. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far - we are on our way to being able to pay this bill but have quite a ways to go still... the surgery was estimated at $1500 and that doesn't include all the aftercare that is going on now which will be adding up. Also a huge thank-you to everyone who has cross posted. We will keep you all updated as we get updated!

UPDATE Monday morning: from the rescue - Dave & Jo-ann are taking great care of Clayton at their place and making sure he gets his med injections through his IV. For the next few days Clayton will have to spend the day at the vet's office for supervision and tests and go back to Dave & Jo-ann's at night. The vet is giving him water for the first time today and if he does well then there is food starting tomorrow. If everything goes well we should be able to have him back at our place on Wednesday but it depends on how he does. We want to thank everyone again who has donated!!! We are almost halfway there guys! I really want to reiterate that even $5 or $10 helps. If all my Facebook friends each gave $5 to the rescue, they would have all the money they need to cover this. Please don't think that a small amount won't help - it does!


Further update for Monday morning: the vet is doing more tests to determine why Clayton's blood is not clotting - he almost bled out and died during surgery and the vet wasn't able to do everything in the surgery she wanted to do because of this. More bloodwork and testing is being done right now at the vet's office to try to find the cause of this. Another round of thank-you's goes out to those who have donated this morning - we love you guys!

UPDATE Monday evening: Clayton was at the vet's office all day and is not interested in taking any water. We are on a bit of shaky ground now as x-rays today revealed his intestines are twisting and getting bunched up in his chest. This is not good and the vet does not know why it is happening. Clayton has gone back to Dave & Jo-ann's for monitoring overnight - the vet is on call in case he goes downhill and needs emergency surgery again. So far the vet bill is around $1800 and Respect-A-Bull has received donations for about half the bill. If further tests are needed or he has to have surgery again the bill will rise dramatically. We want to thank everyone who has donated so far and if you haven't yet but are able to spare $5, $10, $20, any amount helps - the link to donate is located above in this Note. Thank you and please keep sending positive healthy vibes to Clayton, he needs them right now!!



Update:April 4th

We are Really worried about Clayton,his Xray's showed his intestines are twisted or bunching up..The vet is on call for emergency surgery tonight worst case.We have only reached half way on his vet bills of $1800.00 after today. We still need at least $1000.00 more,if he has to have surgery again we will need $2000.00 Please and Thank you what ever you can spare $10-$20 can go a long way!

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Reply Debbie
6:12 PM on May 2, 2011 
I donated last week and today I rec'd a card from clayton - thank god he is okay. I gave $75 and I know it is not much but it is all I can do. Bless you guys and bless clayton!!
Reply Alisha marie
12:20 PM on May 4, 2011 
I was just wondering how Clayton is doing?
Reply Wyld Black Wolf
3:39 PM on March 18, 2013 
if i weren't so finacially strapped atm i would help. best i can do is have loving thoughts sent his way and hope for the best for him.. wish i coudl do more to help :(

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