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Reply Leanne Grant
6:09 AM on July 21, 2015 
I have followed you guys for years and have great respect for what you have done and continue to do . And I want to help/ volunteer my time and home. This is something I have thought about for years and would love your twos input as to where I can best help. Please message me back I have millions of questions and would love your help
Reply PawraidaCit
1:21 PM on June 11, 2015 
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Reply Rachel Hussain
4:02 PM on May 1, 2015 

Hi Joann and Dave.

I have just viewed the video of the remarkable rescue of Stanley and was so overwhelmed by his plight and all the wonderful work that you guys do. I am so sorry to hear that Jo-Ann is not well. I fully appreciate where she is coming from, I also have Fibromyalgia, and had struggled for years without any diagnosis. Being ill also mean't I had to limit what I did in one of the passions of my life 'Cat Rescue'. This was heartbreaking but I could not have been any good to anyone when I had really bad days. I am very grateful for all that you have done fr the dogs that you have saved, and very glad for all the education and inspiration you have provided for others, so that it may help change people's perspectives on dog rescue. Wish you all the best for the future.

Reply philip fisher
4:58 AM on October 1, 2014 

i am very sorry to hear you are not well i hope with time you feel better ,and thank you to you and your husband for helping and saving all those beautiful pit bulls

Reply Deb
4:30 PM on April 10, 2014 

I have one of your dogs from a few years back - now Binoo, used to be "Clayton", a rescue from California. I don't know what to do - at home with us and our other dog he is wonderful and respectful but lately when out walking on a leash with me and our other dog he sometimes goes a little nuts and starts getting somewhat aggressive. today it was bad and I am afraid he will bite our other dog - he seems to be getting more intense when he's over excited.  I don't know what to do!  Advice?  Do I need a dog trainer? A new home?

Reply Kirby MacInnes
11:09 AM on March 30, 2014 

To whom it may concern,

My name is Kirby MacInnes and I am the co-owner/operator of Pawsitive Horizons. I train and run therapy dogs in the Prince George area, we work/deploy our dogs with the RCMP Victim Service Unit, Youth custody , Corrections, as well as other organizations and private clients. Recently we suffered a great loss with the passing of Loki, a rescue pitbull from Alberta , however the lessons that I learned from him will impact me forever. Someone suggested that I contact you as I am looking to adopt another dog. I am looking for a dog that needs a job and I am also willing to adopt a dog that might need some training. For further information on myself or our company you can check us out at Feel free to try me at home 250 962 6177, or as I am in the field quite a bit so the best way to contact me is via text at 403 819 6247 and I can call you back. I also included the link to the story that shaw cable did on Loki’s life in case you are interested.

Sincerely, Kirby MacInnes

Reply Kris
8:09 PM on March 22, 2014 

These guys are the best! I used respect-a-bull in 2006 and have been happy ever since. I got the best dog in the world (Bentley) 

Reply amy becker
4:18 AM on December 19, 2013 

Hello. My name is Amy and I rescued a female pitbull/lab in 2009 from our local humane society.  She was born at the shelter because they found her mom homeless and pregnant.  She was 4 months old and in respiratory distress when I adopted her and with the proper medicine she was able to conquer that and is fine now.  She's is one of the best dogs I could ever ask for.  She treats my jack russell like she's her mom always looking out for her and making sure she's okay.  I got her for my 17 yr. old son for his Christmas present and that dog has made him happy.  She's very loyal and protective and loves anyone that comes in contact with.  All the dogs from now on that I adopt will be rescues.

Reply Anna kenklies
1:20 AM on July 11, 2013 

Hello. My name is Anna and I have a female pitbull/boxer who is about a year and a half and her name is Piper. We adopted her last spring when she was 6 months old - she was a rescue. She is an absolute,  wonderful dog at home. I have been going to dog training over one year and she is doing very well. I have learned to be a much better alpha. There is one problem we have been dealing with Piper when she turned about one year old. She has some aggression issues with some dogs and others she loves. She has attact several dogs and needs to wear a muscle when we go for walks. The dog trainers have been working with me on this and with time, they tell me things will get better with training. My dilemma is that my husband does not want to keep Piper. She is a very sweet girl but it makes it difficullt with these issues in our neighbourhood.

Would you be able to refer me to someone that would adopt Piper, has a large property as she has a wonderful temperament. When she had her walks and excercise she sleeps on her cozy cushion and loves to lie in the sun.

I would be truly grateful to hear from you.

Truly, Anna Kenklies

the house and loves to lie in the sun.




Reply Tyrone Ronning
11:57 PM on May 29, 2013 

Hello. My name is Tyrone Ronning, and i have a lovely Collie/Husky/Mastive/Pitbull Named Artoo. Due to recent events I am making the responsible decision to try and find a new home for Artoo. I wish things could be different and I wish with all my heart that i could keep her close to me, but with unforeseeable circumstances at hand I really dont see it fair to Artoo. I know I can take her into the SPCA, but i really dont want that for her. I was hoping by chance that maybe, if your organization is willing, that you might be able to find her a foster home until a more suitable seasoned owner could adopt her.

I'm not sure if this is a regular thing, as most of your kinds of organizations usually rescue dogs, import them and put them up for adoption, and that being said I'm not sure if you take in local dogs.

I would just like to say that me and Artoo have a lovely relationship but she is 11 months old and definitely has behavioural issues. She can be agressive when playing and has nipped me once or twice in the act, but she has also gone through a registered dog obedience school and does listen in times of need. She can sit, lay down, sit pretty, stay and occasionally roll over but she does also have distraction issues. She's been with me since i rescued her at 8 weeks, and has had a lovely life so far i would like to think, and i only want whats best for her.

She has also been spayed and had all her rabies vaccinations and dewormed.

I have also been told by several certified dog behavioural specialist, veterinarians and obedience specialists that the collie and the mastive in her are a tough mix for a first time dog owner (Which I am) and that she might be happier in the hands of a seasoned dog owner as mentioned as above.

If there is any chance that I can taketo give her the life that she deserves without her suffering i will take it. I do NOT, wish to send her to a caged life at the spca not knowing that she was able to make it somewhere pleasant with caring and loving owners.

Thank you for hearing my plee, and if there's anything you can do please let me know. As for mentioned, I want whats best for her even if it means breaking my own heart.

If you have any questions or if you know an organization that would better suit this situation please get back to me.

Thank you so much.


Tyrone Ronning.


Reply Respectabull
11:10 AM on May 21, 2013 

Respect-a-bull's will not be taking any more dogs. The reasons are for personal ones and medical,Jo-Ann suffers from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.Under Doctors orders we need to remove stress from our lives.We will still be doing Pits and Pats Therapy work and will still take back Any dog we have homed and Re home them again. When we started in rescue that was one of the things we said we would still do if and when we stopped rescue.We will be keeping the web site and face book pages open for contact, but will not be posting dogs in need. This year is our 7 th year in rescue and just shy of 200 dogs re homed. We would like to thank all the people and friends we have made.We are still here but are taking some time for our selves. Thanks for the understanding Dave and Jo-Ann:)

Reply Tooie
7:44 PM on May 20, 2013 

Can you please contact me regarding where to find a dog to foster or adopt? Thanks for your time :)

Reply Gail Henderson
9:38 AM on April 25, 2013 

Sorry guys, don't know how else to contact you. Have you seen this;




Reply Wolf
9:03 AM on March 15, 2013 

yep. putting mine and my Girl's pawprint here too .. (id put the rest as well but your board would be covered in prints XD )

Reply chewiechews
2:57 PM on March 12, 2013 

how can i look at dogs that are adoptable


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