Stanley's Story

On December 23rd, 2009,a rescuer from Camp Cocker, a Spaniel rescue in California, makes a stop at a shelter to pick up a neglected Cocker Spaniel. The dog has been at the shelter for a month already and she's in rough shape. As the rescuer walks the line of dog kennels, she spots a Pit Bull in particularly bad shape. 

The dog is suffering badly from mange. His skin is raw and bloody. One of his eyes is swollen shut and the other is in rough shape. He's hunched over in the kennel and appears to have lost all hope. He has no name and in this state he could be put to sleep at any moment. 

The rescuer takes the Cocker girl and leaves. She will be placed in a loving foster home and will receive the care she needs before finding a forever home. The white dog at the shelter is not going to be so lucky. The rescuer uploads photos of the dog and emails the story to a few people, asking for help.

Perhaps it's because it's Christmas, perhaps it's the haunting images,but donations start to come in to help out. A vet offers a huge discount to help with his care. A rescue group is found to take the dog. That rescue, is Respect-A-Bull.  On Christmas Eve, Cathy from Camp Cocker rushes out to pick up the dog. He is given a name. He is now Stanley. 

Stanley is taken from the shelter and put in the car to go to the vet to begin treatment. He has no idea that countless people have emailed, pleaded, donated and networked to help him. He has no idea what the road ahead will hold. But Stanley must know something good is to come,because as he sits in the car gently eating treats, his tail gives a little wag. It's small, but it's worth it's weight in gold. 

By the time I write this, almost 200,000 people have watched Stanley's video "Just One Dog". Hundreds of people have offered to adopt him. People around the globe have cried for him and cheered him on. But Stanley's story is not special. There are thousands of dogs who are just like him sitting right now in shelters across Canada and the US. Thousands of those dogs will not have the happy ending that Stanley will have. However, if a fraction of people who offered to take in Stanley rescue a dog from a shelter or rescue group, Cathy's message "just one dog" can become so much more than just one dog.


Respect-A-Bull took Stanley in, put him in a foster home and continued where Cathy had left off.Stanley had surgery to repair a problem with his eyes and continued mange treatment. His foster home, previous adopters from Respect-A-Bull, decided that they couldn't part with Stanley and he joined their family officially.  We couldn't be happier for Stanley, his adoptive "parents" and his adoptive brother Taylor, a Respect-A-Bull program graduate himself!   

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