Dave and Jo-ann

Starting out as backyard breeders themselves, Respect-A-Bull was founded after Dave and Joann began to question the fate of the puppies that they were selling.  Wanting to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, they began to rescue and educate rather than breed.  Since then, they have never looked back.  Much of their own time and a lot of their own money has gone into the rescue, and over 100 dogs have been helpes since.  Residing in Port Alberni, BC, Dave and Joann have recently bought a farm and now add ducks,chicken,horses and  their girls follow in their footsteps walking, caring and training their foster dogs.


Volunteers and Foster Parents 

We could not do what we do without our extensive volunteer network.  Our foster homes provide shelter, patience and love to Respect-A-Bull's dogs, transforming them from shelter dogs into family members.  

We also rely on volunteers for transporting dogs and doing home checks.  It is amazing what can happen when people pool their time and resources to help a dog in need!

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